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Aspects To Consider Before Using The Cannabis Vertical Growing System

Vertical growing system involves placing the source of light in the middle of the of the grow. With this the cannabis will be grow towards the light source, hence the name vertical growing system. One of the profits of using this system is that you are likely to yield more. Moreover, you will not be required to put a lot of effort while using this system. Although before you consider using the vertical growing system it is best that you assess some elements.

It is best that you ensure that you use the right type of light while using the Pipp Horticulture vertical growing system. This is because if you choose the wrong one the cannabis will end up being burnt. Hence in order for you to get excellent results ensure that you use the LED light. Similarly ensure that the LED light is evenly covers the whole plant. This will ensure that your cannabis has better care as they can reach the source of light.

It is best that you are careful while using the tiers. With this it is advisable that you use two especially for beginners. This will help ensure that you comply to the rules. Moreover, using more than two tiers can cause difficultly in both functionality and designs. Similarly, you might be required to buy a more advanced cooling system with the use of more than two tiers. This can be rather costly.

While using the Pipp Horticulture vertical growing system it is best that you ensure that you leave space. For some growers they tend to grow many cannabis plants without leaving space in order for them to get more yield. However, this can be quite strenuous as it will make it harder for you to access the plants. Similarly, the plumbing system will not function well due to the spacing. Also, as the space is too small the air movement will not be good. With this you will wind up having poor quality cannabis.

While doing the design it is best that you assess how you will manage the waste water. For most people they tend to neglect this element which can be quite costly if overlooked. For you to have a good management with the waste water it is advisable that you hire an experienced plumber. As they will guide you on the approaches you should use in order to ensure that you manage the waste water perfectly. Check out some more facts about cannabis at

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